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Richard M. Maltz

Richard M. Maltz began his career in the ethics/professional responsibility over 32 years ago when he became a disciplinary prosecutor for the First Department, Departmental Disciplinary Committee, after seven years engaged in civil and criminal litigation. After a short time as a staff attorney, Richard was promoted to Deputy Chief Counsel and then First Deputy Chief Counsel, positions he held for most of his twelve-year career with the Committee.

After leaving the Committee, Richard has been representing attorneys that have disciplinary problems, representing law school graduates and out-of-state lawyers before Admission Committees and the Court of Appeals seeking admission to the Bar, advising lawyers and law firms about ethics and law firm issues, and litigating on behalf of lawyers that have disputes with former law firms or former clients. Richard has also written on ethics issues, testified as an expert, and taught ethics for many CLE programs, including his own programs for which he was certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board.

Currently, Mr. Maltz is Chair of the New York State Bar Committee on Professional Discipline and he was creator and Chair of the former New York State Trial Lawyer’s Ethics Committee.  Mr. Maltz is a former Chair of the Professional Responsibility Committee of the New York City Bar (2002 - 2005) and former Chair and then Co-Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Westchester County Bar Association. He is a former member of the New York County Lawyers' Ethics Institute and was appointed to the New York State Bar Advertising Task Force. He was also former Chair of the Briarcliff Manor Ethics Board, as well as a former Referee for the Judicial Conduct Commission.

  • Disciplinary Defense and Investigations
  • Admissions for Law Graduates and Out of State Attorneys
  • Litigation Between Lawyers and Former Law Firms
  • Litigation Between Lawyers and Former Clients
  • Partnership Issues
  • Law Firm Dissolutions
  • Ethics Consultations
  • Ethics Expert Witness

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